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The GVF training program is the global standard for satellite communications technical training. We cover fixed VSAT installation, marine satcom installation and operation, mobile and teleport uplinking, and many other topics.

  • Students use technically-accurate, realistic simulators throughout all courses to learn, practice, and demonstrate critical skills.
  • The GVF program is unique in that students’ simulator skills scores are required for successful course completion and certifications.
  • Automatic course and prerequisite linking for certification management
  • Registration self service or by order
  • Dedicated student support staff
  • Requires only a moderate-speed Internet connection and browser with Flash player
  • Multi-language instant-switch capability

A short tour of one of the tutorials in our GVF 510 Core VSAT Skills course.

Tuition Fee Structure

  • The best value for tuition fees is a GVF Training Membership. This gives you open access to most GVF courses for a low, annual fee.
  • Tuition for individual GVF Training Memberships is due on a per-student, per-year basis.
  • Training Memberships can be ordered in bulk for a discount.
  • Training Memberships are also available for organizations and companies under a site license plan, in which the organization pays a single flat annual fee for everyone in their company or department.
  • You may also choose courses "a la carte" and pay tuition on a per-student, per-course basis. The tuition fees for all courses are listed in the course catalog.


GVF offers reduced tuition for:

  • Students of developing countries and certain NGOs and UN agencies under the Andrew Werth Scholarship program Link.
  • Organizations and companies that enter into a site license agreement.
  • Bulk orders (10 or more Training Membership seats). Significant discounts are available for large organizations.
  • GVF member organizations when ordering in bulk or for site licenses.
  • Veterans and active duty members of the United States armed forces under the VA reimbursement program. Full details are provided here BR-14 .
  • Recipients of scholarships offered from time to time by sponsoring organizations.

Methods of Payment

GVF accepts credit card, Western Union, and wire transfer payments for tuition payments. For pre-approved customers, GVF also accepts purchase orders and checks drawn on U.S. banks. Complete details are provided in this brochure.

GVF certifications are recognized around the world as the standard for satellite communications technical training. Advanced certifications allow you to be listed in the GVF Database, which is regularly searched by companies seeking satcom expertise.

With your GVF Training Membership, you will have access to all online certification exams.

Some certifications require in-person Hands On Skills Tests (HOST) which are not included in the Training Membership fee. Cost varies by location. HOSTs sessions are conducted worldwide.

Explore the list of available certifications.

Advanced certifications allow you to choose to be listed at no cost in the public, searchable GVF Database, which is regularly searched by companies seeking satcom expertise. (Organizations can, however, restrict visibility of their staff in the public database.)

The learning system links exams, courses, and their prerequisites, for automatic certification management


GVF Basic Hands-On Skills test (‘HOST-B’)

The GVF Basic Hands On Skills Test (HOST-B) is required for all GVF Satcom Professional (VSAT field technician) certifications. Hands On Skills Tests are offered by many examiners around the world in scheduled, public sessions. Find a session or contact an examiner to make an appointment.

Examiners may be embedded in their own organizations and offer GVF HOSTs to staff members as part of their organizations' training programs.

If you are interested in becoming an examiner yourself click here If you are already an examiner and are looking for HOST-B score sheets, procedures, FAQ's, and other resources, click here.

Other Hands-On Skills Tests

Certain specialist equipment certifications, such as marine antenna installation and maintenance, require a separate hands-on skills test on the specific manufacturer's hardware. These sessions are authorized by GVF but are generally organized by the manufacturers at their facilities. For details, please see the detailed information about each course in the catalog.


To receive the GVF Satcom Professional certifications (for fixed VSAT installation), students must pass the online courses and exams and take a Hands On Skills Test (HOST-B), administered by a GVF certified Examiner.

A typical HOST-B exam includes assembling and setting up a VSAT antenna, adjusting az/el to find a specific satellite, and using a signal meter and or spectrum analyzer to set polarization.

Hands On Skills Tests are offered by many examiners around the world in scheduled, public sessions. To find a session, click here.

Many major service provider organizations use “in-house” GVF Examiners to blend their own training programs with the GVF Certification program. In that way they can take advantage of GVF’s highly-effective online fundamentals training and obtain industry-recognized Certifications for their technical staff. See how to become an examiner here.

The GVF training program is the ideal complement to your organization's in-house staff development program and specialized staff and customer training.

Use the GVF online courses to ensure baseline fundamentals skills across the board while allowing your in-house trainer to focus on training specific to your organization's products or services. You can even merge the GVF Hands On Skills Test criteria into your own on-the-job training plans to enable your staff to achieve GVF certifications in the course of their organizational duties!

Many organizations have discovered that by using GVF training as prerequisites, they can reduce classroom times by as much as 2-4 days. At the same time, effectiveness of the classroom time itself is enhanced because all students arrive with a common baseline proficiency.

Bulk Orders

If you have 10 or more people you wish to receive training, you can simply order Training Memberships in bulk to receive a quantity discount. You will receive a block of Enrollment Keys, which allow you to assign Training Membership seats one at a time to students when and as needed.

Site Licenses

A Site License can give easy access to GVF training to your entire organization. The Site License offers Training Membership access for an entire organization, providing unrestricted access to most of the GVF training program’s library of online interactive, simulator-based satcom training courses for all personnel in the organization (or a clearly defined part of the organization).

Based on your good faith estimate of the number of technical staff needing training, the Site License can cover other staff and management personnel who may need only the introductory courses, to gain a basic understanding of satellite communications. A Site License is the easiest and most cost-effective way to ensure that an organization has appropriately-skilled staff.

Bulk order Site license
Volume discount Based on the exact number of seats you order Based on a tailored quotation to match the size and profile of your organization
Flexibility Seats can be initially assigned after purchase, but cannot be re-assigned once the student has begun any courses. You can swap eligible members in and out of the program at any time.
Restrictions None. You can distribute seats to your own staff, contractors, and customers. May only be used by staff group defined in the site license agreement (normally full-time employees only)
Reselling Yes (but if you invoice at Werth discount you must pass that discount to your customer) By special arrangement only
Billing simplicity Billing is on a per-seat basis. Makes budgeting extremely predictable. One simple fixed cost guaranteed for the entire year for the whole organization. Annual renewal fee may be adjusted up or down to track actual use history.

With any site license, bulk order, or Enhanced Training Services plan, your students can be organized into reporting "departments" and sub-departments, as you define. You will receive automatic progress reports by email every week, or more often if you wish, organized by reporting department.

Upon request, your designated administrator can be provided with an account allowing them to log in at any time and browse for student status and progress.

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