GVF training courses and certifications are the established global standard for satellite communications skills, covering operation, installation and maintenance of VSAT, marine, and mobile/SNG satellite terminals, in addition to general and specialized satcom theory. Students learn, practice, and are evaluated on their knowledge and skills with online, self-paced, interactive, simulator-driven training modules developed by SatProf, Inc.. Hands-on skills testing, supplementary instructor-led training, and mentored classes are supported by GVF Examiners and Regional Training Centers located in every major region of the world.

Why Join GVF Training

Expert teachers

With over 50 years of combined experience in the satcom and education field, our expert instructors guide you through every facet of VSAT operations, from the most basic need-to-know information to the most up-to-date advances in VSAT technology.

Trusted certifications

GVF Training is the leading standard in comprehensive, online VSAT training. Our 16 GVF Training certifications show the highest quality of education in the satcom industry and allow you to be listed as a qualified professional in our public database.

Higher Productivity and Higher Quality of Work

Drastically increase the competency, work quality and professionalism of your staff and contractors alongside over 100 companies worldwide.

+200 Video lessons

We are constantly adding to our list of online, self-paced courses available 24 hours/day and include 100’s of hours of interactive, animated instruction.


What makes our program different?

  • GVF is the accepted global standard for certifcation
  • Courses are self-paced, available 24 hrs, all online
  • Dedicated student support staff
  • Simulator-based skills tests connect to student exam results
  • Requires only a moderate-speed Internet connection and browser with Flash player


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Successful HOSTs


Our Most Popular Courses


Upcoming Hands On Skills Tests


HOST – Douala, Cameroon

GVF Hands On Skills Test (HOST) for students who have completed GVF 510 (minimum). Contact instructor at eyongesi@gmail.com or +237 674411755 for fee details. Fee must be paid directly to instructor at beginning of class. Please contact examiner directly regarding exact location and time for HOST session.


HOST – Yad Rambam, Israel

GVF Basic Hands On Skills Test for students who have completed GVF510 ed 2 (minimum). Contact instructor at nkapon@oasisnetworks.net for HOST fee and details. HOST will be conducted at Yad Rambam, Israel. Fee must be paid directly to instructor.


HOST – SatProf, Alexandria VA, USA

Hands On Skills Test (HOST-B) for students who have completed GVF 510 ed 2 (minimum). Log in and open this session in "Catalog" to view full details, register, and pay with credit card.

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