Certifications and accreditations


(for organizations and companies)

Any organization with a commitment to excellence in satellite communications is eligible to apply for the GVF Accredited Organization for Training (GVF AO/T) certification. Holding GVF AO/T means that your organization maintains a well-trained staff and subcontractor roster through rigorous training relevant to their duties.

To apply, review the AOT program details then complete the application spreadsheet, and submit it to gvfsupport@satprof.com. We will review your trainee list against the GVF training database, confirm that appropriate training or certifications are held, and respond back to you with an accreditation report. There is no charge for AO/T accreditation, other than for any required staff training.

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(for individuals)

GVF offers a wide range of certifications in several subject areas. Certifications in the Fixed VSAT (V) area require you to pass the Basic Hands On Skills Test (HOST-B) as well as specific online courses. Other certifications may be completed entirely online by passing the relevant learning courses and exams, which include simulator skills tests.

AreaCodeCertification NameRequirments
Fixed VSATGVF-CERT-SPBBasic Satcom Professional CertificationGVF 510 and any HOST-B
Fixed VSATGVF-CERT-SPAAdvanced Satcom Professional CertificationCertification GVF 510, 520, 521, and any HOST-B
Fixed VSATGVF-CERT-SPIDSatcom Professional: iDirect Specialist CertificationGVF 503i and GVF-CERT-SPA
Fixed VSATGVF-CERT-SPHNSatcom Professional: Hughes Specialist CertificationGVF 503H and GVF-CERT-SPA
Fixed VSATGVF-CERT-SPSESatcom Professional: Gilat SkyEdge II Specialist CertificationGVF 503G and GVF-CERT-SPA
Marine SatcomGVF-CERT-MSOEMarine Satcom Operator: Sea Tel Specialist CertificationGVF 561 and 562E
Marine SatcomGVF-CERT-MSOE-IMAMarine Satcom Operator: Sea Tel IMA Specialist CertificationSpecialist Certification GVF 561 and 562E-IMA
Marine SatcomGVF-CERT-MSOTMarine Satcom Operator: SpaceTrack 4000 Specialist CertificationGVF 561 and 562T
Marine SatcomGVF-CERT-MSPEMarine Satcom Professional: Sea Tel Specialist CertificationGVF 520, 561, 562E, 503E, and HOST-E.
Marine SatcomGVF-CERT-MSPTMarine Satcom Professional: SpaceTrack 4000 Specialist CertificationGVF 510, 520, 521, 503T, and HOST-T
Mobile/Broadcast/SNG/AutodeployGVF-CERT-BAPOBasic Autopoint Operator CertificationGVF 530 (rec); BAPO exam/td>
Mobile/Broadcast/SNG/AutodeployGVF-CERT-GAPOGeneral Autopoint Operator CertificationGVF-530 & 531 (rec); GAPO exam
Mobile/Broadcast/SNG/AutodeployGVF-CERT-BTOBasic Technical Operator CertificationnGVF-530, 531, 532 (rec); BTO exam
Mobile/Broadcast/SNG/AutodeployGVF-CERT-ATOAdvanced Technical Operator CertificationGVF-530, 531, 532 (rec); ATO exam
Teleport/NOC/Operations centersGVF-CERT-TOPCOperations Center and Teleport Technician CertificationGVF 510, 520, 532; TOPC exam
Fixed VSATGVF-QUAL-EXBExaminer Qualification (Basic HOST)GVF-CERT-SPA and approved Examiner application