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The Global VSAT Forum (GVF) was a non-profit association dedicated to promoting and supporting the world-wide satellite communications industry. In July 2023, GVF joined forces with the Global Satellite Operators Association (GSOA), which is now the only global non-profit association of the entire satellite ecosystem. For information about the GSOA, its activities, and upcoming events, please visit www.gsoasatellite.com.

The GVF Training program

In 2001, at the request of its membership, the GVF launched a new training program with the objective of building a global force of qualified VSAT installation technicians available in local areas to support expansion of VSAT networks. The program began with a handful of classes led by volunteer instructors, but from 2006 accelerated rapidly due to the partnership with SatProf, Inc., who provided the interactive, online learning content and took on the administration of the program on behalf of GVF. In 2010 the training content was refocused on interference prevention skills, as a key element in GVF’s initiatives serving the industry’s drive to combat unintentional interference. Today, the GVF Training program continues in association with GSOA. We have already reached well over 24,000 students all around the world and the program has grown to dozens of courses and many separate certifications, covering not only VSAT installation but marine terminal operation and installation, teleport and news gathering uplinking, mobile terminal operation, numerous general theory topics, and equipment-specific training.


SatProf was founded in 2005 by satellite ground system engineering industry veterans to meet the need for accessible training for satellite communications technical professionals. Our advanced web-based e-learning materials feature interactive animations based on numerical simulation algorithms. Students equipped only with Internet terminals now have access to realistic simulations of the behavior of real-world equipment. Our interactive, 3-D, animated tutorials enable a better grasp of technical concepts and permit the student to practice hands-on skills such as dish pointing, polarization alignment, and uplink signal lineup. SatProf training content and service support the GVF Training program, the SBQ (Space Business Qualified) program, as well as many other organizations and companies.

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