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GVF is now accepting applications for new Examiners.

If you have substantial technical field experience with installing VSATs and working with satellite operators and want to contribute to improving the skills of the worldwide VSAT installer community, please consider becoming a GVF Examiner.

GVF Examiners administer the formal GVF Hands On Skills Test either in a public or private class session or by appointment with individual students. Examiners (or their organizations) are eligible for compensation on a per-student basis.


GVF certification courses consist of on-line theory portions and a practical skills examination. In order to receive a GVF certification, every student must pass the common Hands On Skills Test (HOST). The role of the GVF Examiner is to administer the HOST and evaluate the student’s performance as pass/fail.


  1. Conduct Hands-On Skills Tests (HOST).
  2. Coordinate with GVF administration for HOST schedules, fees, student registration, and test result reporting.
  3. Within 3 days of administering any HOST, advise GVF by email of the student’s pass/fail status.


Examiners may set their own fees, in consultation with and with approval from GVF. However, GVF requests that fee for administering the HOST should not exceed $200 for developed country students and $100 for developing country students.

Unless otherwise agreed on a case-by-case basis, students will pay the fee directly to the Examiner. If payment is made to GVF, a portion may be retained to cover transaction costs and costs of promotion, marketing, and business development contributed by GVF.

With approval from GVF, the fee for a HOST may be included as part of the tuition for a supplementary classroom or hands-on teaching session taught by the examiner. All such classes require prior approval from the GVF.

Frequently-asked questions

What equipment must I have? Examiners must provide the class location and demonstration equipment. At a minimum this includes a VSAT antenna, linear-pol feed, and LNB that the students assemble and use for receive pointing, a signal ID meter or spectrum analyzer, connector attachment tools and sample cable and connectors, and weatherproofing supplies.

Do I need satellite bandwidth? You can perform a minimum HOST with a receive only LP antenna/LNB. However, if you have the resources, adding an uplink skills is excellent idea. Note that if you are doing uplink skills testing, you must make your own arrangements for satellite access or bandwidth, equipment, and licensing.

I am testing only people in my own company. Do I have to give public sessions and charge for them? No. Unless you want to, you do not need to charge a fee and you do not have to make your sessions available or even visible to the public.

I do not want to be listed in the “Find and examiner near you” page at gvf.org. Simply go to the “Edit my profile” page and in the entry for “Do you offer install services outside your org?” choose NO.

These are the steps for becoming an examiner:

  1. Ensure you have the required technical experience. You need to have significant experience bringing up carriers and working with satellite operators to do cross-pol alignments, carrier lineups, and terminal activation, either from the field perspective or the operations center perspective.
  2. Complete your own GVF Advanced Satcom Professional certification. That includes:
    • GVF 510 ed 2, GVF 520, and GVF 521 online courses
    • Pass the Basic Hands On Skills Test (HOST-B) yourself
    • Pass the current online certification exam, GVF-CERT-SPA_17 (or the latest one)
  3. Carefully read the application form GVF Examiner Guidelines (MS Word). Complete the form, including the signature page, scan it, and send it to gvfsupport@satprof.com.
  4. Arrange for at least one letter of recommendation from a technical or training manager or expert at a service provider or satellite operator. Note: this person must vouch for your experience in activating carriers. The letter(s) of recommendation should be sent directly to gvfsupport@satprof.com
  5. When SatProf has received your application and the letter(s) of recommendation, we will confirm your certification status, then forward your application to the GVF Master Instructor.
  6. When the Master Instructor responds, we will notify you. If you are accepted, you will be enrolled included in the Examiner Certification course/exam, GVF-CERT-EXB. This includes useful information about how to perform your Examiner duties, and a quizzes and skills tests (similar to quizzes and tests in 510, 520, and 521). When you pass this exam, you will be certified as a GVF Examiner.
  7. If you want to be listed publicly and if you are offering HOSTs to the public, be sure to update your profile accordingly.
  8. Notify us of your public HOST schedule so we can add it to the calendar.
  9. Keep your HOST schedule updated by notifying us at gvfsupport@satprof.com regularly.
  10. Keep your Advanced Certification and Examiner Certifications current by completing the online recertification exams every three years.

In-house examiners

Organizations are invited to qualify their staff trainers as GVF Examiners, too. Many major service provider organizations use “in-house” GVF Examiners to blend their training programs with the GVF Certification program. In that way they can take advantage of GVF’s highly-effective online fundamentals training and obtain industry-recognized Certifications for their technical staff.

If you have any questions, please contact us at gvfsupport@satprof.com. We look forward to working with you!

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