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Mentored Training

Prefer delivery of GVF training in a classroom setting? Consider our mentored training options. Students work on their GVF online courses alongside each other in a classroom environment, under the supervision of an instructor or facilitator who can assist when they have questions. Mentored training is offered by appointment by:

HOSTs by Appointment

If you have a group of students who are ready to take their Hands On Skills Test, you are welcome to make an inquiry with the following providers for a special session either at their facility or at yours.

You are also welcome to search for examiner in the Certification Database and submit and inquiry directly.

See below for a list of scheduled HOST and other classroom sessions.

HOST and classroom sessions

Scheduled Hands On Skills Test and supplementary training sessions are listed below. To register or to find complete details about the session including the fee, instructor contact, and special instructions, please log in to your student account, select Add New Course , go to the Hands On and On-Site Sessions folder, and choose your session.

Note that if the fee must be paid to directly to the instructor, registering for the session simply reserves a seat for you, and you must pay the full fee amount to the instructor at the beginning of the session. If the fee must be paid to GVF, you may register using a credit card, or you may use the other forms of payment detailed in the “How to pay tuition fees” page.

If you cannot find a session at a location and date that suits you, you are welcome use the “Find an Examiner near you” page to contact a HOST Examiner directly and inquire about making a special appointment.

Session Place Notes Instructor Date
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