Setting up a HOST-B session

As a GVF Training Examiner, you are welcome to set up HOST-B (Basic Hands On Skills Test) sessions at any time or place of your choosing. You do not need to advise GSOA or SatProf in advance. We do not track enrollment or attendance. Your only requirements are:

a. Remain certified as an GVF Training Examiner

b. Email us the completed HOST score sheets after the session for all students who attend and pass.

How to accept fees for a HOST

You must make arrangements directly with the students to pay you any fees for your HOST-B session. Neither GSOA nor SatProf can accept fees for students to be remitted to Examiners. It is your responsibility to collect all fees from the students. You are not required to charge a fee for HOST-B sessions if you don’t want to.

What if I am not giving public HOST sessions?

No problem. Go to the “Edit my profile” page and for “Do you offer install services outside your org?”, select NO. That will prevent you from being listed in the “Find an Examiner near you” page.

Hands On Skills Test (HOST) description and score sheet.

When you give a HOST, you must test every student for the skills listed in this sheet. Every student must pass all skills, including beam balance pointing.

What if I am giving more training than just the HOST test?

That is great! GSOA and SatProf actively encourage Examiners to offer supplementary training along with the minimum HOST’s. For example, you may give a review session, allow extra hands on practice time, teach special skills such as advanced troubleshooting, or any other topics. The only requirement is that in order for a training session to be labeled as affiliated with GVF Training, authorized by SatProf or GSOA, or with any GVF Training, SatProf, or GSOA branding, you must submit the agenda to SatProf for approval before you offer the class.  Simply email us at gvfsupport@satprof.com and tell us what you would like to do, and we will be pleased to assist!

How do I tell if my students have completed their online prerequisite courses?

Email us any time at gvfsupport@satprof.com for a status update. To help us find them, be sure to send us their name in exactly the same way as they registered in the SatProf learning system. Even better, send the email or username they are registered under. We have over 24,000 people registered in the system!

What to do after the HOST session:

Before students leave, make sure that:

a. The student’s name and email are written clearly and exactly the same way they are registered in the GVF learning system.

b. Every student signs his or her own HOST score sheet! You may keep the original sheets, but it is critical and necessary that we receive a scanned or faxed copy of each student’s completed sheet. Students will not receive credit for passing the HOST, and therefore will not be able to get their certifications, until we receive the signed HOST score sheet.

Want to become a GVF Examiner?

Visit the Becoming a GVF Examiner page and download the GVF Training examiner guidelines, application, and agreement (Word document).

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