How do I recertify?

1. Complete the required prerequisites for the recertificaiton exam. (That may include taking a more up-to-date version of a learning course than the one you took originally.)
2. Enroll in the relevant online certification/recertification exam.
3. Take the exam online at your own pace. When you pass, you will be automatically recertified for another 3 years.

How much does it cost to recertify?

Recertification is free for current GVF Knowledge Center members (including site license holders). If you are not a member, you may purchase the exams in the course catalog or from the shopping cart. You will see the fees there.

How should I prepare for the recertification exam?

1. You must complete all prerequisites before you can open the exam. Check the exam course description to find out what prerequisites are necessary. You may need to take a newer version of a course you took before. (For example, for Basic and Advanced Satcom Professional recertification, you must complete GVF 510 Edition 2, not just the original GVF 510.) If you are a GVF Knowledge Center member, just request to be enrolled in any necessary courses.
2. Review your online courses. If you are a member, we will extend all of your courses at no charge on request.
3. Open the exam and read any additional information in the introduction lesson.

I purchased the recertification exam but I am not a member. How do I review my old courses?

We will re-open your old courses for 30 days on request. Send an email to gvfsupport@satprof.com.

What is the deadline for recertification?

GVF is launching recertification exams for Basic and Advanced certification in May 2016. To give you enough time to review your courses (or enroll in and complete any new require courses), GVF will extend those certifications on request until Oct 31 2016. As recertification exams for other certs are introduced, we will set deadlines for them accordingly; in the meantime, we will extend your current ceritications on request.

What is the difference between the Certification and the Recertification exams?

Nothing. They are the same.

Does the Andrew Werth Scholarship discount apply to the recertification exams?


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