SES731: Introduction to SES Networks

Course details

  • Introduction to SES Networks services and solutions.


This course presents an introduction to SES Networks as a company, the services it provides, and how its network operates, with a focus on the fleet of O3b MEO satellites.


With a high-level overview, this course is intended for SES Networks staff, customers, customer prospects, and the satellite communications industry.




Animated & interactive HTML5, self-paced, on-line format. Requirements: internet access while studying the course material (high speed preferred ); current browser with JavaScript enabled; permission to access SatProf server and learning system websites; mouse.


Each lesson contains a mandatory quiz. All pages must be viewed and all quizzes must be passed in order to complete the course.


4 lessons
  1. About SES Networks. The SES Networks organization and the services it offers.
  2. Space and Terrestrial Infrastructure. A short history of satellite communications leading to today's GEO and MEO constellations. SES Networks' GEO, O3b MEO, and mPower MEO satellite fleets and their supporting ground networks. Example case study.
  3. Services Portfolio. Customized end-to-end solutions. Network coverage. Managed solutions. Lifecycle services. Training. How SES Networks works with customers. Case study.
  4. Case Studies of Market-Focused Solutions. Telco/ISP. MNO. Maritime. Aero. Energy. Civil Government. Military Government.
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