SBQ405: Space Business Fundamentals - Finance, Legal & Regulatory

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  • Space is a capital-intensive business funded by public and private financing, and governed by complex legal and regulatory rules developed over decades.


In this course we will introduce the financing and regulatory frameworks that enable all the market sectors we discussed in previous courses. The lessons in this course will cover:

  • Financial management and accounting as they apply to the space industry, with case studies in real-world satellite communications businesses.
  • How insurance protects the high-CAPEX space industry and why it is so important.
  • The national and international regulatory environment.
Finally, as this is the last course in the SBQ Fundamentals series, we will review how to complete your initial certification and how to continue into SBQ specialty courses and certifications.


4 lessons
  1. Financing a space business. Welcome. How to pass. Financial terms you should know. Key financial concepts. Case study: reading a real satellite operator income statement. Case study: GEO satcom then and now. Interactive financial simulation of a satellite Internet Service Provider (ISP) business using conventional and HTS satellites. CAPEX and OPEX: accounting methods matter. The life cycle of an investment. Case studies: reading income statements. Quiz.
  2. Space insurance. How does launch insurance work? Some dramatic space insurance headlines! To insure or not to insure - that is the question. Interactive insurance business model. Quiz.
  3. How is the business of space regulated? The ITU, WRC, and the Radio Regulations. C-band issues. Reserving GEO orbit slots with the ITU. How are GEO satellites licensed? How are earth stations (ground equipment) licensed? How ITU manages LEO orbit assignments. Who gives permission to launch a rocket? Treaties and national regulations. How do export controls affect the space industry? Quiz.
  4. Series conclusion. How to complete your SBQ certification. Where to learn more.


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