SBQ404: Space Business Fundamentals - Markets

Course details

  • This unit introduces the established market sectors in the space business, their relative size and growth, and introduces the emerging markets that will propel the future of the business.


In this course we will introduce:

  • The main market sectors in the space business: satellite communications, satellite broadcasting, earth observation from space, navigation, space science and exploration, launch services, and manufacturing spacecraft.
  • What technology they rely on.
  • How supply chains are structured.
  • How these sectors compare in size and which of these sectors are growing.
Although we will touch lightly on each of these topics, they course will give you a good general understand of space business issues and prepare you for more detailed study in later specialist courses.


8 lessons
  1. Introduction. Welcome. How to pass. Space industry market sectors and their sizes.
  2. Launch market sector. A history of market growth. The commercial launch business. Launch costs are falling. Future prospects for launch market growth. The major launch providers. Rideshare and multi-payload providers. The space tourism market. Spaceports - a global snapshot. Quiz.
  3. Spacecraft market sector. Who are the major players? A growing market. Changes and trends. How are the spacecraft market supply chains structured? Quiz.
  4. Satellite broadcast market sector. Why satellites are ideal for broadcasting. Satellite radio - what is its status? The many modes of TV over satellite. What is the role of teleports? How are satellite broadcast supply chains structured? Comparing network models: self-contained VSAT, VSAT with teleport, VNO, HTS, L-band, NGSO (LEO and MEO).
  5. Satcom market sector. Satellite communications - applications and vertical markets. Satcom market supply chains. OTT is actually a form of satcom. OTT vs. broadcast. How big is the satcom market, and is it growing? Can satellites complete with terrestrial and wireless? Quiz.
  6. Navigation market sector. Terms you should know. How do GNSS systems like GPS work? The hardware market - embedded SoCs and tracking devices. Location-Based Services market. How big is the navigation market, and how does that break down by sub-sector? Quiz.
  7. Earth observation from Space market sector. Terms you should know. The many types of earth observation - optical, radar, RF. How is the EO market growing? What is the Value Added Services (VAS) market, how large is it, and is it growing? How are EO market supply chains structured? Quiz.
  8. Space Science & Exploration market sector. Who are the major national and international space agencies? How are NASA’s activities organized? How are ESA’s programs and funding organized? Example major programs: agency, purpose, and cost. How do supply chains work in this market? Quiz.


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