O3b733: O3b Fixed Terminal Site Survey

Course details

  • Knowledge and skills required to survey a potential site for an SES Networks O3b Tier-2 fixed terminal.


In this course, you will gain the knowledge and skills required to survey a potential site for an O3b Tier-2 fixed terminal. You will learn how to use the included Antenna Arrangement Planner app to plan compact multi-antenna placement arrangements with a clear line of sight to the O3b arc. You will also learn how to use the included O3b Line of Sight mobile app, prepare for the site visit, fill out the survey report, plan the IFL run, analyze the existing AC/mains power system, document data inferface points, select a location for the indoor equipment, gather other necessary information, and report site details critical for a successful system installation. This course also includes all the forms that must be completed and submitted to SES after a survey, as well as access to specially-developed smartphone and Windows apps.

Approvals required:

Very important: By agreement with SES, before GVF may grant access to online training course O3b 733, each student must be approved by SES. Approval is normally granted ONLY to students who are from existing SES customers, potential customers, service partner companies, SES employees, or current or potential SES contractors.

Apply for approval here.

Note: If you are an SES employee you will automatically be approved for the course. If you are not an SES employee and are unsure if you will be approved by SES Networks for this course, we recommend you apply for approval and receive your confirmation email prior to paying your tuition fee; if you are not approved, your fee can be refunded only as GVF tuition credit.


This course is required for field engineers who perform official O3b site surveys for fixed Tier 2 terminals.


SES 731 (required)


Animated & interactive HTML/Flash, self-paced, on-line format. Requires Internet access while studying the course material. High speed access is preferred but is NOT required. Student's computer must have a current browser and the current version of the Adobe Flash player (free) installed.


Each lesson contains a mandatory quiz; some lessons may also contain simulator-based skill assessments. All pages must be viewed and all quizzes and simulator tests must be passed in order to complete the course.

Reference materials included:

  • Quick Reference Guide for field engineers
  • O3b Tier-2 Site Survey Form
  • O3b Tier-2 Site Preparation Guide

Companion apps included:

  • Antenna Arrangement Planner. Interactive 3-D app for a multi-antenna site to analyze if the beams from any antenna will be obstructed by any other antenna or the surrounding fence for for satellites at any point along the O3b arc. Generates reports which can be emailed as text files. Can save and read antenna arrangement configurations. For notebook or similar-sized screens. Windows and Mac.
  • O3b Line of Sight App. Includes standalone mobile and windows applications for use in the field to help prepare site survey reports according to O3b standards.
Note: The companion apps will fully function only if the user maintains a current, unexpired enrolment in O3b 733, or has previously enrolled in O3b 733 and holds a current GVF Training Membership.


8 lessons
  1. Preparing for the site survey. Introduces the students to O3b Networks’ statement of work, tasking order, and the Survey Report.
  2. Antenna Placement. Introduces concepts of longitude, latitude, azimuth, and elevation, as well as line of sight and the O3b arc. How to use the O3b Line-of-Sight app and the Antenna Arrangement Planner.
  3. IFL. The importance of IFL cable measurements, how to determine IFL cable routing indoors and outdoor, and cable entry points into the equipment shelter.
  4. Power and grounding. Concepts of power stability, power measurement, and backup power evaluation.
  5. Equipment placement and connectivity. What to look for in the equipment facilities, how to sketch equipment rack placement, and determining availability of OOB connectivity.
  6. General site details. Site access, building permits, and equipment delivery facilities.
  7. Submitting the survey report. Which documents must be filled out and submitted, and how to submit the completed report along with site photos.
  8. Manual line-of-sight analysis. Learn how to do the O3b fixed terminal site survey in the event you are not able to use the O3b Line of Sight app or the Antenna Arrangement Planner.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will have gained the confidence and knowledge needed in completing the required site survey form, preparing for the site visit, using the provided apps to identify antenna locations with a clear line of site to the O3b arc, planning the IFL run, analyzing the existing power system, and selecting the best location for indoor equipment.
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