GVF505: RF and DC Theory for Satellite Systems

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  • Important theory and knowledge about DC and RF for all satellite technicians.


Covers DC theory (Ohm's law, loop resistance, voltage drops), gains, losses, levels, and dB, cables and connectors (including VSWR, return loss, cable types, and connector attachment), and standard RF components, such as attenuators, amplifiers, splitters, couplers, taps, and power inserters, and grounding and discharge protection.


GVF 505 and 506 are are important first steps for technicians entering the fields of satellite television and communications.




Animated & interactive HTML5, self-paced, on-line format. Requirements: internet access while studying the course material (high speed preferred ); current browser with JavaScript enabled; permission to access SatProf server and learning system websites; mouse.


Each lesson contains a mandatory quiz; some lessons may also contain simulator-based skill assessments. All pages must be viewed and all quizzes and simulator tests must be passed in order to complete the course.


5 lessons
  1. DC Theory: Ohm’s law. Amps and milliamps. Symbols. Forms of Ohm’s law. Cable loop resistance. Voltage drops on cable. Thresholds. Calculation practice simulations. Combining signals. DC, and 22 kHz.
  2. Gains, losses, and levels: Amplitude and frequency. Decibels: dB, dBm, dBuV. Typical levels in satellite systems. Gain and loss. Level analysis exercises with simulator.
  3. Cables and connectors: How cables carry RF signals. Cable types. Impedance. 50 and 75 ohm cable. Return loss and VSWR. Skin effect. Common faults. Connector types. Correctly attaching Compression connectors. Do’s and don’ts with splices.
  4. RF components: Splitters and splitter losses. DC and pol switching with splitters. Directional couplers. Multi-port taps. Power inserters. Diplexers. Line amplifiers. Attenuators.
  5. Grounding: Three types of grounding. Electrical safety grounds. RF shielding. Lightning. Direct hits vs. surges and EMP. Grounding supplies. Discharge protection in steel and multistory buildings. Grounding do’s and don’ts.
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