GVF-CERT-GAPO: General Autopoint Terminal Operator Certification Exam

Course details

  • Certification and recertification exam for GVF General Auto Point Operator Certification.


Certification/recertification exam for operators of auto-point earth stations equipped with centrally-managed modems (such as VSAT) but whose antennas have not been type approved for autonomous, accurate pointing and cross-pol.

Format: online, self-paced. Includes limited knowledge exam and interactive skills test simulators.

This is the exam only. Training and review materials are NOT included. To prepare for this exam, courses GVF 530 and GVF 531 are highly recommended.

If your certification has expired, take this exam to recertify, which will extend your certification for three years.

GVF Training Member? Email gvfsupport@satprof.com to request free enrollment in this exam. Re-takes are free on request.

Not a GVF Training Member? Purchase this exam and email support to request one-time 30-day extension of the above courses, if previously enrolled. Re-take requires re-purchase of the exam.

For more info, please see the FAQ page.


3 lessons
  1. Introduction
  2. Written exam. Knowledge test,covering topics from GVF 530.and GVF 531.
  3. Skills tests with simulators. Line Of Sight. Manual fine pointing. Adjust cross-pol with SAC.
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