GVF-CERT-FE_22: Field Engineer Certification/Recertifcation Exam

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  • Certification and recertification for GVF Field Engineer


GVF Field Engineer Certification demonstrates broad satcom knowledge and skills, including industry business, DC and RF electronics, fixed terminal installation, satcom theory, operation of mobile terminals, spectrum analyzer technique, and uplinking from motorized earth stations such as teleports.

This course serves as the the final exam, and the recertification exam, for GVF-CERT-FE. To open this exam, you must have completed the GVF Field Technician certification (GVF-CERT-FT), and courses GVF 500, GVF 505, GVF 522, GVF 530, GVF 531, GVF 532,. When you complete this certification, you can proceed to GVF Advanced Satcom Professional certification by completing a Basic Hands On Skills Test (HOST-B).

If your GVF-CERT-FE certification has expired, take this exam to recertify, which will extend your certification for three years.

GVF Training Member? Email gvfsupport@satprof.com to request free enrollment in this exam.

Not a GVF Training Member? Purchase this exam and email support to request one-time 30-day extension of your prereq courses, if previously enrolled in them.

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11 lessons
  1. Exam introduction
  2. Quizzes from GVF 500. Sample questions from all lessons.
  3. Quizzes from GVF 505. Sample questions from all lessons.
  4. Ohms law and signal level calculation skills tests from GVF 505.
  5. Quizzes from GVF 530. Sample questions from all lessons.
  6. Quizzes from GVF 531. Sample questions from all lessons.
  7. Motorized antenna pointing and cross-pol skills tests from GVF 531.
  8. Quizzes from GVF 532. Sample questions from all lessons.
  9. Uplink/teleport carrier lineup and access skills tests from GVF 532.
  10. Quizzes from GVF 522. Sample questions from all lessons.
  11. Spectrum analyzer signal measurement skills from GVF 522.
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