GVF503E-S1: Installing and Maintaining SeaTel Model IMA Series Marine Terminals (supplement to GVF 503E)

Course details

  • Supplement course to GVF503E, covering Cobham SeaTel IMA series terminals.


Detailed training in the technical differences between Cobham Sea Tel '09 and IMA series terminals. Covers hardware, wiring, software, setup, configuration, and testing of IMA, Series 12, and GX systems, including the MXP control unit.

Before you can open this course, you must complete GVF 503E, for which Sea Tel approval is required.

Learn and practice critical balancing skills using the realistic 3-D interactive simulator, with integrated dynamic inertial physics model.

Learn about site surveys, antenna location, determining blockage zones and programming them into the controller.

Complete instruction on the theory of operation, including targeting, searching, and tracking simulations.


4 lessons
  1. Course Introduction
  2. Hardware and Software
  3. External Connections
  4. Setup and Alignment
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