ASC702: Using an NGC system in fixed antenna applications

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  • Using the CPI NGC controller in fixed, motorized antenna applications.


This course is intended for earth station technicians with NGC "User" level access who are responsible fo day-to-day operation and maintenance of NGC-controlled antenna systems. A typical fixed, motorized 4.9m antenna system is explained in detail, and variations and options are described.


Earth station technicians with NGC "User" level access who are responsible fo day-to-day operation and maintenance of NGC-controlled antenna systems. Techs and engineers who will be contininuing with higher level NGC training courses.


Recommended: GVF 530+531+532. Required: ASC 701.


Animated & interactive HTML/Flash, self-paced, on-line format. Requires Internet access while studying the course material. High speed access is preferred but is NOT required. Student's computer must have a current browser and the current version of the Adobe Flash player (free) installed.


5 lessons
  1. Course Introduction. Prerequisites. Reference documents. How to pass this course
  2. Principles of operation. Positioning. NGC tracking modes. Step tracking concept. Beacons. Beacon spectrum. How 3PP works. Observing 3PP in action. What happens between 3PP maneuvers? What is ACST? What is SmarTrack? What is NORAD tracking? What is Intelsat tracking? What is SRT tracking? What is monopulse tracking? Effect of clouds and rain. How does the spectrum analyzer work? Headings and compass readings.
  3. Operating an NGC at the User level. Logging on. Logging off. Switching to a satellite in the table. Moving to a specific longitude. Moving to a specific az, el, and pol. Manual pointing. How is Pol Angle defined? Avoiding sidelobes. Pointing accurately. Aligning cross pol accurately. Storing accurate az-el-pol settings. Satellite properties overview. Working and Global Satellite Tables. Editing the Working Satellite Table. Adjusting beacon peak level. Exercise - Goto satellite and find. Using the handheld. Skills test - Goto satellite and find.
  4. Monitoring NGC environmental systems. Antenna environmental sectors. Monitoring the environmental systems. What environmental systems are present? Monitoring hub environmental equipment. Monitoring reflector environmental equipment. Monitoring feed environmental equipment.
  5. Maintenance, faults, and troubleshooting. Basic troubleshooting flow chart. Sample faults and causes. Restarting after an emergency stop. Troubleshooting faults and alarms. Maintaining the NGC-IDU.


Essential courses GVF 510, 520 and 521 have been converted to HTML5 and are available for use on all device types.

We are continuing to convert the remaining courses in the Training Membership throughout 2021.

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