ASC701: NGC Overview and Monitoring

Course details

  • Introduction to the CPI's NGC family of antenna controllers, and the knowledge and skills required for technicans with NGC "Monitor" level access.


The ASC Next Generation Controller provides a single solution for antenna manual control and automatic tracking, as well as control of antenna environmental systems and redundant RF equipment. This course presents an introduction to the NGC family and the knowledge and skills required for technicans with NGC "Monitor" level access, responsible for monitoring the status of an NGC-controlled earth station. You will study how to monitor system status, diagnose faults and determine tracking status of the NGC system.


NOC technicians responsible for monitoring NGC-controlled motorized antennas. Techs and engineers who will be contininuing with higher level NGC training courses.


Recommended: GVF 530+531+532


Animated & interactive HTML/Flash, self-paced, on-line format. Requires Internet access while studying the course material. High speed access is preferred but is NOT required. Student's computer must have a current browser and the current version of the Adobe Flash player (free) installed.


4 lessons
  1. Course introduction. Prerequisites. Reference Documents. How to pass this course. About ASC Signal. ASC products and services
  2. NGC system overview. About the Next Generation Controller. Overview of NGC applications. Hardware tour. Emergency stop. Options overview. NGC system components.
  3. Navigating the touch screen. User privilege levels. Front panel features. Back panel features. Navigating the touchscreen. Touchscreen status bar. NGC Menu tree. Status - Detailed, Diagnostics, Faults.
  4. Monitoring tracking. Antenna Tracking control with the NGC. Status -- Tracking. What happens when it rains? What to do if the antenna is not tracking.
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