GVF503G: Gilat SkyEdge II VSAT Installation and Maintenance

Course details

  • Intensive Gilat SkyEdge II factory-authorized training covering network theory and step-by-step remote terminal installation and commissioning procedures.


Factory-authorized training covering the key aspects of how to install, commission, operate, and troubleshoot Gilat SkyEdge II series VSAT terminals. Animation and simulator-based interactivity are used throughout the course to explain critical skills and concepts. Topics covered include remote hardware options, approved IFL cables and connectors, web interface, commissioning processes, antenna pointing, and troubleshooting steps and tools.


This course is appropriate for engineers and field technicians who are responsible for installing and commissioning VSAT terminals with Gilat SkyEdge II modems, and NOC/support staff who interacting with the field technicians.


GVF courses 510, 520, and 521.


Animated & interactive HTML/Flash, self-paced, on-line format. Requires Internet access while studying the course material. High speed access is preferred but is NOT required. Student's computer must have a current browser and the current version of the Adobe Flash player (free) installed.


Each lesson contains a mandatory quiz; some lessons may also contain simulator-based skill assessments. All pages must be viewed and all quizzes and simulator tests must be passed in order to complete the course.


Students who pass this course and hold GVF Advanced VSAT Satcom Professional Certification will receive the Satcom Professional: Gilat SkyEdge II Specialist Certification.

Reference materials included:

Students may download and keep the exclusive SatProf "Gilat SkyEdge II Terminal Installation Handbook," in addition to various Gilat manuals and guides.


13 lessons
  1. Learning system orientation
  2. Course introduction
  3. The Gilat SkyEdge II system architecture and VSAT hardware
  4. Using SkyManage and LED indicators
  5. Preparation and equipment assembly
  6. Finding the satellite
  7. Accurate antenna pointing
  8. Setting the VSAT location with SkyMagic
  9. Activation
  10. Cross-pol adjustment technique
  11. Finishing the job
  12. Troubleshooting
  13. Final exam

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the principles of a SkyEdge II network.
  • Compare different models of SkyEdge II IDU’s.
  • Identify and assemble all components in a SkyEdge II terminal.
  • Know what external user equipment can be connected to a SkyEdge II terminal.
  • Configure and activate a SkyEdge II terminal.
  • Find and accurately point a typical antenna using the SkyMagic meter.
  • Commission and activate a SkyEdge II terminal.
  • Accurately set cross-pol using three different methods.
  • Troubleshoot common SkyEdge II installation problems.


Essential courses GVF 510, 520 and 521 have been converted to HTML5 and are available for use on all device types.

We are continuing to convert the remaining courses in the Training Membership throughout 2021.

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