ASC704: Administering and configuring NGC tracking systems

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  • Operation, maintenance, and performance tuning of the CPI NGC controller for fixed, motorized antenna applications.


This course is intended for earth station administrators who are responsible for the overall operation, maintenance and performance of NGC-controlled antenna systems. A typical fixed, motorized 4.9m antenna system is explained in detail, and variations and options are described.


Earth station administrators who are responsible for the overall operation, maintenance and performance of NGC-controlled antenna systems. Techs and engineers who will be contininuing with higher level NGC training courses.


Recommended: GVF 530+531+532. Required: ASC 701 + 702..


Animated & interactive HTML/Flash, self-paced, on-line format. Requires Internet access while studying the course material. High speed access is preferred but is NOT required. Student's computer must have a current browser and the current version of the Adobe Flash player (free) installed.


9 lessons
  1. Course introduction.Prerequisites. Reference Documents. How to pass this course.
  2. Tracking receiver configuration. Tracking receiver choices. Using the spectrum analyzer as tracking receiver. Using the DVB receiver as a tracking receiver. Configuring the DVB receiver. Beacon receiver choices. Beacon receiver interfaces. Settings in analog beacon receivers. NGC parameters that affect tracking receiver operation. Levels at the beacon receiver input. Exercise: Tracking receiver calibration. Skill test -- Tracking receiver calibration.
  3. Motorization System. Positioning - review. Backlash in motorized antennas. What is deadband? NGC antenna motorization components. Connecting the motorization system. Platform parameters. The NGC is a PID controller. Motorization parameters. How VFDs work. How resolvers work. How encoders work. Stops and limit switches. Navigating the NGC handheld menu screens. Checking the deadband setting. Prime power connections. Polarization drive systems. ESTOP switch. Antenna JOG/Movement troubleshooting. Motorization system maintenance.
  4. Acquisition and tracking. Acquiring the satellite. Spiral scan. 3PP steptrack theory review. About scintillation. Steptrack parameters. What is the Step Multi Factor? How to choose the Step Multi Factor value. Exercise: Adjust Step Multi Factor. What DOESN'T affect step tracking? Troubleshooting step tracking. NGC Antenna pattern testing. NGC Antenna testing pattern tool. NGC Antenna pattern testing report. Activating step track. Working and Global Satellite Tables -- Review. Managing the Global Satellite Table.
  5. Subreflector Tracking (SRT). SRT system. SRT Tracking Parameters. Controlling the SRT. Manually pointing the SRT. Troubleshooting the SRT. SRT Maintenance.
  6. Advanced tracking modes. SmarTrack Review. When to use SmarTrack. SmarTrack Configuration. SmarTrack Functionality. SmarTrack Optimization. Pre-charge feature. SmarTrack Model. ACST Tracking review. When to use ACST tracking. ACST parameters. How to configure for ACST tracking. NORAD tracking review. When to use NORAD tracking. NORAD configuration parameters. Entering and updating NORAD parameters. How to configure NGC for NORAD tracking. Intelsat tracking review. When to use Intelsat tracking. Intelsat parameters. Where to get Intelsat parameters. How to configure NGC for Intelsat tracking. Inclined orbit satellites. Exercise: Find inclined satellite. Skills test - Find inclined satellite.
  7. Redundant systems. Why use redundant systems? RF redundant system configurations. RF redundant system operation. NGC RF redundancy configuration parameters. Switching HPA's when ULPC is present. Troubleshooting NGC RF redundant systems. NGC-IDU Redundancy
  8. Uplink Power Control. Theory of Open-loop ULPC. Uplink power control with the NGC. NGC UPC hardware. Operating the NGC UPC. NGC UPC parameters - what they do. How to change UPC parameters. UPC system troubleshooting
  9. NGC system administration. How to set NGC user password. What is the NGC baseline? How to save the NGC baseline. Baseline comparison report. Restoring the baseline. What is a license key? License key required information. New licensed features compatibility. NGC license key configuration. How do I know what licensed features I have? License key feature requirements. License key troubleshooting. What is SNMP? Basic SNMP network. NGC SNMP agent. NGC SNMP required information. NGC SNMP Configuration. NGC SNMP Management.
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